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How Much?

Usually, the most important question our clients want to know is "how much will this cost?" We bill by the hour to fit any budget. We’ve had past clients who had a very tight budget, but we were able to make it work. Other clients had more manageable budgets where we were able to incorporate high end features and interactivity.

To better understand what you’re looking for or have in mind, and so that we can give you an accurate estimate for the cost of your project, it would help us to know some of the answers we've listed for you below.

Questions to consider

regarding a new or redesigned website project

  • Do you need a new host server?
  • If you need a new host server, are there email accounts currently being hosted on the existing server that will need to transfer to the new server?
  • Are you transferring the domain?
  • Add and/or edit the existing graphics?
  • If you want to edit the existing graphics do you have the original image files?
  • Replace, add, and/or edit the existing text copy?
  • Add features/functions (contact form, social links, widgets, Google Maps, website traffic tracking, photo gallery, slideshow, etc.)?
    New navigation menu/links (drop down menu, Flash buttons, etc.)?
  • Add/remove web pages?
  • Are there other sites that you'd like your site to have a similar style, function, etc.?
  • Initial budget?

regarding an email flyer

  • Who will manage and distribute the emails?
  • What email client do you currently use?


web design estimate

Due to excessive misuse of our online forms we have taken them offline. Please email or call us directly to discuss your web site needs.

  • website redesign/update?
  • new website?
  • HTML newsletter/eblasts/email flyer?

Price guide

We've compiled the price guide below for websites to give you a very rough idea of what your budget may do for you.

    • Less than $2000
      • CMS (Content Management System) set-up such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
      • Domain & Hosting set-up/transfer
      • Client takes over after set-up is complete. Basically integrating their own graphics & text copy.
      • Perfect choice for the "D-I-Y-ers"
    • $2000 to $2500
      • Minimal design customization
      • Minimal features
      • client provides all graphics & text copy
    • $2,500 to $5,000
      • the perfect balance between cost and features
      • This is our most popular price range
    • More than $5,000
      • Sites in this price range are basically ones we like to "show off"
      • Most if not all advanced features are integrated