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reykdal construction & gordon homes

We created a comprehensive branding and marketing project for Reykdal Construction & Gordon Homes, a local developer and home builder located in Snohomish County.

Brand Identity

This was a unique opportunity for us to create an entire brand for a family-owned company that has been in business for several generations, but never had a logo much less a web presence. We presented them with three different identities that hinted subtly at “quality”, “homes” and “construction.”

Website Development

For the website we integrated all the necessary SEO ingredients, Google Maps, as well as jQuery coding. Javascript rather than Flash effects were used because of its better search engine compatibility.

Print Marketing

Part of the marketing campaign for the new Reykdal Construction communities is the printed marketing collatoral distributed to potential buyers at the model home.

Designs were created in Adobe Illustrator. Photos were edited with Adobe Photoshop. The files were then imported into Microsoft Word for the client to edit. Graphics, colors and fonts are the same as the ones used in the marketing signage for design resonance.


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