Logo and Brand Development

Do you have a great product and offer exceptional service, but customers don’t recognize you among your competition? Well, it all comes down to your image, and effective design is the vehicle that will bring customers to you. Excellent graphic design plays the biggest role in creating the right image for you. At Icon Imagery we have created award winning logos and branding materials such as stationary and total corporate identity packages for all kinds of industries and individuals for decades.

Good branding differentiates you from the competition in a positive way. We make sure you and your product look their absolute best to get you recognized above the rest!

From time to time it is good to freshen things up a bit too. Maybe trying a new, more progressive font,  use current colors, add or update an icon, or start all over to get with the trends.

The Process:
First we sit down for a discussion with you about what it is you are looking for and the intended audience profile. A key thing to remember is you are branding for your customers, not yourself.

We run through a series of rough sketches to explore look, feel, and market appropriateness.

Drafts to Digital:
We now pick the top contenders to tighten up on the computer. These are near final versions but not fully developed to save time, effort and money.

Boil Down:
This can be a time consuming effort where all decision makers have the opportunity to comment on their top picks and give direction of what they’d like to see done to finalize your new logo.

The winner is now tightened up, special effects added, colors named, gray scale versions created, and many final files created for client use and redistribution.

If you have a bad logo, you better have a good salesman!

Over the years we have created hundreds of logos. Enjoy a few in our gallery.

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